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A Guide to Urban Art

Urban art has become a defining part of cityscapes all over the world. Whether that is in the form of graffiti on buildings and trains or murals which have been commissioned by the city itself, these pieces of work have come to represent many cities around the world. This website is a guide to the vast and sometimes confusing world of urban art and street artists.

Famous Examples of Urban Art

One of the cities that has made the most of urban art is Melbourne. After the explosive growth of Sydney started to undermine its place on the world stage, Melbourne turned to art to re-establish its reputation as a cool destination.

Is Urban Art Legal?

A lot of urban art, including famous examples from artists such as Banksy, is technically illegal under local law. However, many cities have chosen to overlook these regulations when famous pieces of urban art are created that start to draw crowds. In some cases, though, cities have reacted negatively even when the pieces of art which are produced are popular with locals. There have been a few examples of cities around the world quickly deploying teams to paint over items of urban art, which they see as graffiti. The increase in the form's popularity has, however, made this rarer, and cities are now much more likely to treasure and promote any pieces of urban art which are added to their cityscape.

The Complete Guide to Urban Art in Cities Around the World

Wondering why urban art has become so popular recently or where are the best examples found? This guide to urban art has everything needed.